Studio Project
The Chicken Stroller

Fall 2017, Studio 1, Prof. Ben Nicholson.
Software Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

everything drawing

        How do we begin to design? This introductory design studio provided new designers with a non-anthropocentric provocation.  Tasked with understanding the full lifecycle of a bird, the studio asked us to produce an “Everything Drawing” that conveyed the entirety of a selected bird.  I selected the chicken because of its close relationship to humans.  The “Everything Drawing” depicts three chicken conditions.  The left panel imagines a world in which feral chickens defy their anthropocentric condition.  The second panel is the realm of the free-range, eco-conscious bird, still ensnared by the world of the humans.  The right panel is the dystopic realm of factory-farmed chickens.  The extremes are always measured in relation to the human.

        From the “Everything Drawing” arose the challenge of designing a home for the bird. Through the exploration of its ensnared relationship to humans, the project imagined yet a fourth world, that of the status accessory chicken.  Like chihuahuas in Birkin bags, these strollers are the luxury pet accessory of the ultra glamorous.  Selectively bred birds deserve only the finest in travel gear.  With a mesh floor, three roosting levels, and a roomy storage bin, this Chicken Stroller was designed for the modern woman.  Together, they’re ready to take over Instagram.